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Donald E. Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Morris Group International Reaffirms Founding Principles and Outlines Exciting Plans for The Future

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA — February 28, 2022

Donald E. Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Morris Group International keeps his multi-generational company growing and thriving with an entrepreneurial spirit, as seen in a new video, available to watch now on the Morris Group International website.

Over the 50+ years Don Morris has been with the company, he has closely watched market trends for new opportunities, acting on those opportunities to develop and manufacture products that meet market needs.

Together with three of his children who are also in the business, Don plans for even more growth in the future, driven by the quality and uniqueness of the product offering. “We are a company that grows. We grow by enhancing our brands. We drive our business with new products, engineering, and uniqueness. If there are no new products, we suffer in the future,” said Don.

The video outlines some exciting new product offerings coming soon and reaffirms the founding principles of honesty and integrity at the core of the company’s culture. As the company grows, the original saying of founder Earl L. Morris, “There Is No Substitute for Quality,” applies today more than ever.

With the past and future generations of the Morris family, the contributions and efforts of our employees and representative network, and dedicated leadership team, Morris Group International is well-positioned to face the future. Watch the video to hear Don Morris’ perspective.