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Morris Group International Releases Season Two, Chapter Two
Video on Growth and Ingenuity

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – April 4, 2022

Morris Group International has released a new video in the ongoing series with Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Morris. In this chapter, Don talks about the growth of the company and how he gets new product ideas.

Growth has been a part of Morris Group International since the company’s inception. Don’s notes the importance of growth being sustainable to maintain profitability. “We have to self-sustain as we produce [new] products,” he said, adding, “Our core products help support the innovation of new products.”

Don also discusses the process of getting ideas for new products, a process that involves closely watching market trends for new opportunities and thinking about market needs. Don said of the process “Listen to ideas, read a lot, watch the trends, and then think about what people need.”

Together with three of his children, who are also involved in the business, Don plans on growth while maintaining a privately owned, entrepreneurial company. Watch the video above for more on Morris Group’s growth, ingenuity, and experience.

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